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Will I be able to manage the entire course in such a short time? Is scoring an A* practical and possible for me? How much do I need to learn? Is studying from textbook important or notes? How much do I need to write in the exam? I understand the topics but I get stuck when solving the past papers!

If all the above-mentioned concerns sound familiar then you are at the right place. This course will take you through a journey of mastering the art of learning what to know and how much to know for you to ace the maximum grade. 

Enrolling in this course will not only ensure an A* but also give you a worthwhile educational experience beyond what is normally expected. These are not mere claims but have manifested in the excellent results produced by my students over the course of years. Dive with me deep into the course to unleash your true potential and conquer the world of Biology and achieve your dream of scoring A* in your Exam!

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction to Cambridge Syllabus

3min 56 sec to 7min 15sec

2 Levels Of Organization

. 7min 15sec to 12min 30 sec

3 Animal and Plant Cell Labelling

12min 30 sec to 21min 30 sec

4 Animal & Plant cells organelles structure and functions

Animal & Plant cells organelles structure and functions

5 – Labelling of cells

35min 11 sec to 39min 16 sec –

6 Differences between Animal and Plant Cells

39min 16 sec to 41min 40 seconds

7 – Electron Microscope, Light Microscope and Magnification

2min 30 sec to 15min

8 Bacterial Cell

15 min to 23min 50 seconds

9 Red Blood Cell Structure and Function

23min 50 sec to 30min 18sec

10 Root Hair Cell Structure and function

30min 18sec to 36min 33sec

11 – Levels of organization

36min 33 sec to 40min

1 five Kingdoms

17 seconds to 2min

2 Animal Kingdom

2min to 2min 48 sec

3 Vertebrates

2min 48sec to 7min 26sec

4 – Arthropods

7min 26sec to 10min

5 Plant Kingdom

10min to 12min 10 sec

6 Virus

12 min 10 sec to 13min 7 sec

7 Binomial System of naming species

13min 7sec to 16min 48sec

8 Dichotomous key

16min 48sec to end of video

1 Molecules and kinetic energy

3min 45sec to 8min 50 sec

2 Diffusion

8min to 50sec – 16min 27sec

3 - Osmosis

16min 27sec to 31min 45 sec

4 Role of water as a solvent

4min 6sec to 8min 43 sec

5 Factors affecting the rate of diffusion

8min 43 sec to 21min 33 sec

6 Active Transport

21min 33 sec to 31min 4 sec

7 Plasmolysis, turgidity and Visking tubing

31min 4sec to 49min 50 sec

1 Chemical elements of Carbs, fats, proteins and DNA

3min 40sec to 11min 11sec

2 Food Test Starch

11min 11sec to 18min 40 sec

3 Food Test Fats

18min 40 sec to 21min 50 sec

4 Food Test Proteins

21min 50 sec to 27min 10 sec

5 Food Test Reducing Sugar

27min 10 sec to 34min 11 sec

1 Definitions Catalysts and Enzymes

3min to 7min 50 sec

2 Characteristics of enzymes

7min 50sec to 15min 4 sec

3 Lock and Key Hypothesis

15min 4sec to 28min 28sec -

4 Effect of temperature and pH on enzyme activity

28min 28 sec to 43min 35 sec

1 Introduction and Photosynthesis

11min 25 seconds to 18min 48 sec

2 Photosynthesis (continued)

24min 8 sec to 36min 7 sec

3 Use and storage of carbohydrates made during photosynthesis